Everything the color says.
Anything that can be expressed in color

It’s an exciting moment here at Dot. After months of collaborative effort,
we are lifting the curtain on Forward Thinking, our first ever fully owned content
platform on colors and innovation, through articles, insights, interviews, personal points of
view and, sooner than later,trend reports.


Dot. and University Circles.

I can all agree that everyone enjoys a good color;
whether it’s telling it or listening to one.

As in any genre, to build a good color story you need good material to build it on;
otherwise it just won’t hold up.

Storytelling can make or break a color.

Design magazine --- 2018. 5

My project, what color, became the main magazine
in Design Magazine in May 2018.

Design magazines are famous and the oldest of the design magazines,
and it's an honor to have my cover.
May 2018 Magazines can be purchased through many bookstores
and stores throughout the country I can buy it through my email.

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